Distance Makes the Heart Fonder

There are some things that cannot be fully explained or taught, but to be experienced by going through the motions and facing the emotions. While we are all impacting by this global pandemic, directly or indirectly, this is a perfect moment to reflect on how grateful we truly are. If the most worry is what to snack on or binge watch next, then you’re mostly likely living a great life – cherish it.

Understanding that this moment of our lives may be uncomfortable sometimes, allow yourself to sit with those uncomfortable feelings, process those feelings, and move on. Be gentle with yourself in those moments. There are a lot of energies and vibes all around with the uncertainties of this global pandemic and planetary movements / moon cycles. Some people feel their moods change during normal planetary movements, moon cycles, and weather changes normally. It’s okay to not be okay.

Is there something that sparks joy within you? Perhaps find time to partake in that hobby. I’m sure everyone has a creative side no matter what it is – art, music, writing, photography, videography, woodworking, sewing, teaching, etc. Even if you don’t think you do, I’m positive you do and you are great at something! Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it!

Distance does make the heart fonder. There’s a lot of things I miss and a few things that I had to reschedule / cancel. In the end, it’s all okay as long as my family, friends, and I are continuing to stay healthy and taking precautions. We will be able to hangout soon! I’ll be able to have my Sunday brunch at Black Walnut again!

I’m definitely enjoying quality cuddle and frisbee time with my Delilah!