Take a Step Back

Think about where we are today in society, how we are behaving, and how we are reacting. Why? We’re supposed to be past such hatred, judgement, and discrimination – especially during a heavy time while we are all still facing the global pandemic.

Yes, the virus stemmed from China, but not all Chinese people are to be blamed and bullied.

Yes, citizens may have committed illegal actions, but that doesn’t permit the right to knee the person’s neck till death.

Yes, we are all struggling during this time. Many have lost loved ones due to Covid-19, many are struggling with their mental health, many are figuring out their next steps because of lost jobs. There’s a lot going on right now, the last thing we need is hatred amongst each other.

If someone wants you to put on a freaking mask to make them feel comfortable, then wear the freaking mask.

And with the hatred against the LGBT community. Who cares who they love? Does it really impact you and your life?

Please don’t be offended I didn’t include your community into this post. Everyone should be treated with love and care. We should all be working as a community, helping one another.

Put your ego aside and try to imagine yourself in another person’s shoes for a moment, and see how you’d feel in their position. Nobody enjoys being bullied and hated for who they are. We are all people who struggle differently. No one is better than anyone else, regardless the title you might have.

All of this hatred and negativity is unnecessary. Covid-19 isn’t the virus, Humans are. Can we try to support and lift each other more?