Avatar: the Last Airbender

Although it’s a cartoon, there’s a lot relatable truth to what’s going on currently.

The power-hungry nation with one agenda, to seek more power even if it destroys homes and kills innocent lives. The rest of the world living in fear, separated from one another.

Aang, the Avatar, came back to find that his nation had been wiped out by this power-hungry nation. His friends, Katara and Sokka, lost their mom to the same nation. Together, they fight for justice to restore balance and unity in the world.

I’ve rewatched this show several times before, and just finished rewatching it. It’s amazing how a kid’s show can speak truth on so many levels.

Human Decency

It is amazing how there are so many “privileged” people out there feeling the freedom to speak negatively about certain races / communities.

Why are there so much negativity? Why do you have to go on a racist rant? What is it resolving? “Your egotistical-self, thinking everything has to be about you” issue?

“Somehow I clicked onto some live event,” he said after catching himself.

Just don’t be rude and you won’t have to be worried if you’ve accidentally gone live on social media. It’s. Not. That. Hard. To. Be. Kind.

Someone has told me “thanks for proving me that saying no to your hatred is exactly what I needed to do.” This was after putting my owns struggles aside to help this person through a difficult time. This was after being forced to open up and having to talk every day. This same person had the audacity to say that I wanted to talk all day. If anyone knows me, knows I hate talking.

It’s become clearer now than ever that people will instigate until a person or group stands up for themselves and speaks up for themselves. Once this occurs, said person or group are seen as “bad parson” causing trouble and chaos.

Why target a black man running, just running, and kill him?

Why barge into a black nurse’s home and shoot her multiple times, killer her?

Why have the weight of your knee and your whole entire body on top of a black man’s neck for 8 mins and 49 secs, killing him?

Why treat the Black community differently?

Why are we still fighting for equality for communities still?

We are witnessing all of these riots and some are thinking “is this necessary?” Was the Black Wall Street / Tulsa Massacre necessary?

I am tired. The Black community is tired. The LGBT community is tired. It is tiring fighting for equality and to be seen / treated fairly for so long. Let’s learn some human decency and be kind. Treat everyone with kindness. All Lives Cannot Matter until the Black, LGBT, Asian, Mexicans, Indians, and all minorities (not white) are treated fairly.

Sometimes it may require to experience it to understand, but sometimes practicing empathy helps too. If you and your family were treated with such unfairness all of your lives, would you be okay with it or would you stand up and fight for your rights?

Take a Step Back

Think about where we are today in society, how we are behaving, and how we are reacting. Why? We’re supposed to be past such hatred, judgement, and discrimination – especially during a heavy time while we are all still facing the global pandemic.

Yes, the virus stemmed from China, but not all Chinese people are to be blamed and bullied.

Yes, citizens may have committed illegal actions, but that doesn’t permit the right to knee the person’s neck till death.

Yes, we are all struggling during this time. Many have lost loved ones due to Covid-19, many are struggling with their mental health, many are figuring out their next steps because of lost jobs. There’s a lot going on right now, the last thing we need is hatred amongst each other.

If someone wants you to put on a freaking mask to make them feel comfortable, then wear the freaking mask.

And with the hatred against the LGBT community. Who cares who they love? Does it really impact you and your life?

Please don’t be offended I didn’t include your community into this post. Everyone should be treated with love and care. We should all be working as a community, helping one another.

Put your ego aside and try to imagine yourself in another person’s shoes for a moment, and see how you’d feel in their position. Nobody enjoys being bullied and hated for who they are. We are all people who struggle differently. No one is better than anyone else, regardless the title you might have.

All of this hatred and negativity is unnecessary. Covid-19 isn’t the virus, Humans are. Can we try to support and lift each other more?

Distance Makes the Heart Fonder

There are some things that cannot be fully explained or taught, but to be experienced by going through the motions and facing the emotions. While we are all impacting by this global pandemic, directly or indirectly, this is a perfect moment to reflect on how grateful we truly are. If the most worry is what to snack on or binge watch next, then you’re mostly likely living a great life – cherish it.

Understanding that this moment of our lives may be uncomfortable sometimes, allow yourself to sit with those uncomfortable feelings, process those feelings, and move on. Be gentle with yourself in those moments. There are a lot of energies and vibes all around with the uncertainties of this global pandemic and planetary movements / moon cycles. Some people feel their moods change during normal planetary movements, moon cycles, and weather changes normally. It’s okay to not be okay.

Is there something that sparks joy within you? Perhaps find time to partake in that hobby. I’m sure everyone has a creative side no matter what it is – art, music, writing, photography, videography, woodworking, sewing, teaching, etc. Even if you don’t think you do, I’m positive you do and you are great at something! Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it!

Distance does make the heart fonder. There’s a lot of things I miss and a few things that I had to reschedule / cancel. In the end, it’s all okay as long as my family, friends, and I are continuing to stay healthy and taking precautions. We will be able to hangout soon! I’ll be able to have my Sunday brunch at Black Walnut again!

I’m definitely enjoying quality cuddle and frisbee time with my Delilah!