This poem was for a Poetry Contest in 7th grade. The theme of the contest was Courage… and this is what I came up with. I just want to throw out there from the start that no one was on my mind when I wrote this. I have no idea where this came from – but from a 7th grader’s mind.

Everyday I wonder if you ever notice me
You talk, and walk but what do you see
Everyday I wonder if you love me
For I love you as the sky is blue
I have always wondered what’s new with you
I never notice how special you are
Until you told me you were going to move far
Away from me in a land of nowhere
Where people get paired

I wanted to ask you something really bad
But I couldn’t, I just couldn’t
I didn’t have the nerves and I was sad
I knew I had to ask you before you left
But I was mad
I didn’t know what I would do without you
You said that we were always going to be friends
No matter what happens

You really mean a lot to me
The thing is, is that I love you
And I don’t know what I’d do without you
You mean so much to me
And the thing I’ve been waiting to ask you
Is to marry me

Just Watch

It’ll Get Better
And the road gets narrower till there’s no place to go.
You’re stuck wondering what to do.
No one is around to guide you, to lend a hand.
Lost and confused, you wonder if everything’s going to be okay.
Is it?
Time will tell.
Gotta live it second by second.
Just hang on, even if you’re hanging by a thread.
It’ll get better.
Just watch.