Wow! I literally just saw a post from you last night. I was scrolling on FB as usual when one post caught my eye, saying that you’re no longer with us. Rock climbing was your passion, especially free-soloing.

I’m so speechless right now. I feel honored to have worked with you. I’ll definitely miss seeing all of your adventurous posts.

Rest In Peace, my friend! πŸ§—πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

Armadillo, what?

Last night, we met up with friends and their puppers at the farm. We got there pretty late but let the puppers play in the field. Keido is 4 months old and towers over DPants. While we were out in the field, we heard this strange noise. The next minute, we see an armadillo swooshing on by. At the time, I had zero clue as to what in the world was happening. It sounded like and felt like one of those green shells from Mario Kart flying by. Super wild.

7 Years Later…

I’m back to this blog 7 years later and how wonderful to be reminded of the poem written for Aaron. I still miss him – it’s been 11 years.

Last year, I started to feel so much anxiety and fighting so many negative thoughts. I reached out to a coworker who is now become one of my best friends. I knew from the our mentorship experience and time working together that she would understand and help as much as she could. Turns out we share the same types of anxiety and depression – not about the same things of course. We all have our inner demons. Our friendship and connection really begin shortly after, and I’m truly grateful.

There are times when I’d get in these super weird funks where I randomly start crying before I fall asleep and a bit after I wake up before getting out of bed. I’m not exactly sure why this happens.

Sometimes, I think I have a odd sense of connection with loved ones, and I can feel what they’re feeling. The weird funk happened yesterday, and I found out that Vince was feeling super down too. Perhaps I was feeling what he was the night before and that’s why I had the random cries. I don’t know, I’m still trying to test that theory out and wonder why I get randomly super depressed.

Maybe it’s also me trying to figure out life and what my purpose is still. Is that a forever thing that I’ll be constantly trying to figure out? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

This last year, I tried to work on being more open about my feelings. I feel a lot more comfortable talking about them, more with certain people of course. This year, my personal goal is learning how to be by myself and finding things to keep me occupied when I’m alone.

I’m not always alone, I still have my cute puppy around to keep me company. With that, I’ll leave this photo.