Extreme A vs. Extreme B

It’s either you are “this” or you are “that”. There’s no seeing it from the other person’s point of view. There’s no taking the GOOD from either sides and working together to IMPROVE TOGETHER.

It’s always the blame game. They did this. They did that. Great – not everyone is perfect. People make mistakes. What are we doing to resolve the situation? What are we doing to diffuse the situation? Are the ways we resolve and diffuse the situation standardized?

We’ve always done it this way. Well – has it been working? Is there room for improving the approach? Absolutely. There is always room for improvement.

If 2020 isn’t a huge karmic lesson, then I don’t know what is. It’s enhancing people’s behaviors in society. We’ve got global pandemic, the entitled egotistic, the racists, rioters, looters, vigilantes, fires, double hurricanes, sex traffickers we are just now publicizing, and many other things unnamed. The best part of it all is people are criticizing more about rioters and looters destroying cities and walking out of sports games – that’s more of a concern than people’s lives. Lock them up! Let them have a trial!

Also Breonna Taylor was a nurse sleeping in her home when she was murdered.

I had envisioned us piloting space crafts in 2020, not experience America’s history. It’s time for a change, to evolve. Everything cyclical and used as lessons – they will repeat and reappear until we learn from them.

Time to break from tradition. New methods! New ways! Embrace change!


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